Lone Wolf - The Offensive Sniper
                    Nightmare of enemy soldiers. He positioned in a cracked building
                    where he can see whole battleground. It is hard to find this sharpeye
                    killer so use him well.

                    Ghost - Supporter
                    Everybody wants supporter in their team so here is yours.
                    Take him when you need a second hand in the battle. He is always
                    ready for hard situations. Kill enemy soldiers before they kill yours.

                    Zero Dog - The Defensive Sniper
                    This guy is more closer to the hot spots. You can use him to
                    early take downs. For best strategy give your favorite sniper rifle
                    to him.

                    Hammer - Assaulter
                    If you like close combats then you need a machine gun break.
                    Fire all of your bullets whatever enters in your sight.
                    Lots of ammo, lots of enemy... Good luck.

                    Click here to start your journey
                    Pick your soldiers by
                    hitting his number 1,2,3,4 on keyboard.

                    Attacked team mates glows red.
                    So watchout for them.

                    Kill all of the attackers day by day
                    to win this battle. Have fun.